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Garden Hose Pipe Anti Kink

  • Anti Kink Pipe With 7 Function Water Spray Gun Magic Hose


    Our great-looking and functioning garden hose is great for a number of tasks and chores

    it's perfect for gardening, washing your car, hosing down your pets, washing boats, or any other

    automotive you may have and even for cleaning your driveway or house front, an ideal addition

    to any garden.

    Anti-Kink and Anti Tangle

    This hose makes unwanted kinks and tangles that an old common hose may be giving you a thing of

    In the past you can pull this around in any direction and not have to worry, just turn the tap on and

    watch your hose expand.


    An included wall mount makes this hose easy to store away after use saving you lots of space and time,

    once the tap is turned off the hose will retract and drain itself in seconds.


    Thickening latex inner hose pipe combined with tightly knitted outer fabric brings good performance in

    expanding up and withstanding pressure without leaking or bursting.

    Multifunction Gun

    Included with this hose is a multi-function spray gun nozzle with 7 functions for any and all gardening

    or hose pipe needs that may arise these functions are comprised of "Center, Cone, Flat, Full, Mist, Jet, and Shower"

    Tips for looking after your expandable hose:

    1. Extend the water hose totally, do not let the hose knotted.

    2. Best working underwater pressure range 0.2-0.6MPa.

    3. Adjust the nozzle to avoid leaking.

    4. Do NOT let the hose rub against the ground frequently.

    5. Completely drain water from the hose and hang up it when not in use.

    6. Store the hose in a cool and ventilative place

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