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Weighted blankets in velour & cuddles

  • Luxurious Weighted Blanket in Velour & Cuddles Soft Touch Microfiber Soft and warm

    Enhance your relaxation experience with our premium Weighted Blanket in Velour and cuddles. Crafted for the ultimate comfort, this blanket features a soft touch microfibre exterior that delivers a plush embrace while providing the soothing benefits of deep pressure stimulation.

    Filling: 100% polyester with 1mm glass beads.

    Key Features:

    Deep Relaxation & Comfort: Our Weighted Blanket is designed to offer a gentle, calming pressure that mimics the feeling of a warm hug, promoting relaxation and a sense of security. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety as you unwind under the comforting weight of this blanket.

    Velour weighted blanket.

    Front: Velvet.

    Reverse: microfibre.

    Cuddles weighted blanket.

    Front: longhair polyester.


    The exterior is crafted with a soft and luxurious velour fabric combined with a cuddly microfibre texture. This blend ensures a heavenly softness against your skin, making it perfect for snuggling and providing a cozy cocoon-like experience.

    Customizable Weight Options:
    • Choose the weight that suits your preference. Available in various weight options, allowing you to select the ideal weight for your body for a personalized relaxing experience.
    High-Quality Microfibre Material:
    • The blanket is made from high-quality microfibre, providing durability, breathability, and a smooth texture that is gentle on your skin. The microfibre filling is evenly distributed within the blanket, maintaining the weight distribution effectively.
    • For: Deeper sleep, Hypo Allergenic, Soothes Anxiety.
    Versatile Use:
    • This weighted blanket is perfect for use on your bed, couch, or while lounging. Experience the comforting benefits during relaxation, meditation, napping, or a good night's sleep. Its versatile design fits seamlessly into any room decor.
    Easy Maintenance:
    • Keeping this weighted blanket fresh and clean is hassle-free. It's machine washable on a gentle cycle, making maintenance a breeze.
    Perfect Gift Choice:
    • Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of serenity and comfort. Our Weighted Blanket in Velour & Cuddles is an excellent gift choice for anyone seeking a better night's sleep and relaxation

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